About Me

I’m a thirty-eight year old mother of a toddler, trying not to have a full-blown tantrum caused by the intense therapy about my own childhood.  My therapist refers to it as “family of origin work.”

Nugget and me at Shelburne Farms

I love being a mom. To avoid saccharin platitudes about how wonderful my experience is as a parent, I’ll put it simply – it’s the best!

Here’s the twist for me. I am:

  • An adult child of an alcoholic (father).
  • An adult child of a compulsive overeater (mother).
  • A survivor of sexual abuse (teacher).
  • A survivor of a violent childhood.

Doesn’t make for light conversation, but it’s real and it informs all that I do as a parent.  I want to connect with other parents who can relate, hence this blog.

Other stuff about me is that I’m part Yankee, part Texan. Born in Massachusetts, raised in Texas, and, thankfully, landed in Vermont. I’ve been married for 7 years and we have one daughter – Nugget – with no more children heading our way. Once a gay activist, now a burned-out gay activist.


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